Why do guys shut down when a girl is trying to get am answer?

My ex bf and I still talk even after are breakup.. and recently I was trying to get an answer from him and instead of him listening he will say will you just stop it already.. I dnt care to talk about it because it's a waste of my time.. to me i was so frustrated because it wld mean a lot to me if he helped give me a peace of mind. Why do guys shut down?


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  • We are ready to fight , hit each other , even go till level of bleeding or killing , but when it comes to maintaining relationship , or talking about things, out brains says , you are fucked up , you cannot win and thus we do the same what we do in a battle arena so we do not get killed , 'We run away'.

    • Love how you said it... haha I never thought of it that way but your probably right.. i mean I wld listen to him but yah I'm a good debator.. in this case tho we both agree we are both stubborn headed

    • Girls are smart , and best to win in talk and debate and also gifted with power of persuasion. We do what we are programmed to do , you do not know , things in guys to guy world work, Sometime it can be a trouble even if we look at other guys hairstyle , he may think we are having a staring challenge , and if we do not stare do , oh ! He takes it as challenge , he is like ' you , let's take it outside ' . Or we have to make it clear really soon before he takes it as challenge that were just looking at his hairstyle.

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  • what kind of topic was it about. Did it involve a lot of feelings and stuff. Because if it did, most guys will listen because you are in fact his girlfriend and he feels if you really want to talk about emotional shit then he will do it. but I don't really want to talk about mushy stuff with a girl that I am not dating, it gets boring and frustrating.

    • Yah it's because my bff told him something about me an d i was trying to ask him what he said to her (bcuz my bff and I aren't talking but she sent me a txt) and included his name in it.. than when I asked him what he told her because she mentioned him. he got so mad and said we were both arguing about something stupid and he didn't care to say anything.. i just wanted him to answer.. i felt he took her side because when I tried to ask he cut me off :(

    • And yeah it sucks because even tho we are not bf/gf we both talk to each other hug, kiss.. everybody tells us we need to just get with each other already.. but he's the one who doesn't want to

  • Why do women badger men on conversation that are pointless? Same concept different words. Sometimes you just have to let things be.. by the way horrible idea being friends with an ex... such a nono just for this same reason. An ex is an ex for a reason let it die.

    • because ull always think are convos are pointless than when we stop talking to you'll, you'll wonder why we are mad and than want to talk.. smh... as for being friends with my ex tell me about it.. him and I still have feelings or each other.. we do just about everything a couple would do but without the title.. people tell us we should just get with each other already. . but he's the one holding back on that.. apart of me tells me i shld just act like idc so maybe that'll make him see he will miss me when I'm gone. even when I tell him I'm leaving he tells me not to

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