Breakup help please !!!?

My dumbass broke up with my girlfriend but took her back the next day. I felt so bad and she kept begging and telling me that i was her only happiness. which sucks because now that i think of it her life is in a really bad place and I was her happiness. I knew this and i stayed away until she had some sort of a anxiety attack i felt so bad so i took her back. Im not sure if this was the right choice tho. she has been a great girlfriend but I think our relationship has run its course and i feel bad but i wanna move on but I'm scared for her. i care for her but now I'm thinking i have to end this before it goes too far.. any advice?


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  • it's very thoughtful of you to care about her feelings but i think you should break up with her for your own sake and her's too, you can't just be with someone just cause you felt bad for them, if you were in her shoes, am pretty sure you wouldn't want her to be with you just cause she felt sorry for you, if it doesn't feel right then it doesn't feel right man !

    • I know i have to but i jus can't right now. I see it as not throwing an injured animal out into the wild but instead waiting until its better. which ill give about a week or so

    • since when it's one way or another? it really doesn't have to be that way ! you still can be there for her as a "friend" of course you have to make that very clear ! but i don't think a week is a big deal... a week should be fine...

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  • I just caught this now, sweetie... Don't ride her pity wagon if you feel strangulated and that you have had a good run But Last Call with her as of now... Set her free like a bird and hope that you both can remain friends. If not, then you would have moved on anyways, calling This your final straw that broke the camel's back...
    Good luck. xx

    • yeah but my dumbass took her back n now I'm a bigger asshole for giving her hope n breaking her heart twice. Like you say release like a bird but right now it jus isn't that simple. I wish it was but i think I can do this because its the right thing for both of us

    • Let her down easy.. to go on and continue, in the end, will be even More double the trouble in breaking her heart. xx

  • For ur own good happiness sake break up with her she is taking advantage of ur kindness and not only that she leaves u for another guy nd beggs u back honey dump. the shit. out of her she's not worth it


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  • NEVER take someone back out of guilt or because you feel sad for someone, tell her the truth and just say that you don't feel the same way like you used too. I was a mess too when my ex broke up, but you don't want a relationship with someone that has doubts.. it's unfair to you and to her.

    • this is close to what i was thinking. but her life is join through a bad time ill spare u the details but it bad enough to the point were i think a breakup would honestly break her because she has very little support. I know i can't n should not keep this going but imma wait until things get a little better

    • If you want to be her for her, be there for her as her friend but not as her boyfriend. You have to keep is real.

  • Don't drag it on man. My gf did that do me. Tell her that u'll be there for her as a friend. But that you don't feel that way about her anymore.

    • A DAMN PANIC ATTACK! n being friends is easy said than done. the whole "but we can still be friends" line works great every time huh? besides i couldn't stand to breakup n stick around u realize how crazy that is. I no longer want what u as a person have to offer i dont want to be with you. but ill be there for you. break her heart n be there while she tries to put it back together

    • In a way she's kinda manipulating you man. We've all been in her shoes, and when it rains it poors. However, I think waiting to break up with her will build up more resentment on your behalf then it has to, and it will hurt her more in the long run. How would you feel if this awesome girl helped you put your life back together and then you shattered it again right when it was fixed?

      That's what your gonna do to her. Your going to help her get back on her feet then crush her by breaking up with her. It's better she knows now so she can begin to heal and fix things her own way.

  • Fuck you man. Go to her say sorry You will never get the girl like that who loves you that much.

  • You can't stay with someone just because you're afraid of what will happen to them when you leave.


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