He went from "i dont want any contact" to "can we have sex this weekend"?

my ex broke up with me he said he had fallin out of love & that we had no chance of a relationship in the future... that i made him miserable and unhappy, he'd never said such harsh things or kept a position about breaking up for longer than 20 mins & its been days without any change of position so i knew it was real. I ended up pushing him away further by begging which lead him to say he doesn't even want friendship but instead he wants me completely out of his life. blocked me on everything b/c i kept calling him & saying "crazy" things about how i'll never move on... i said something that alarmed him before the phone cut out... and he called me back 3 times (i found this surprising) i didn't answer & he sent a text saying "whatever dont ever contact me again"

i ended up calling the next morning... he asked who it was i said my name he then said "what is it".. i said "can you call me back on my phone?" he said "why?" i said "i just want to talk".. he said about what? i said "anything"... he said "i dont want to talk" & hung up.. but then he called me like 3 mins later.(i didn't expect this) we stayed on the phone for hours.. this time i didn't cry or beg... we spoke about so many things.. we laughed and joked. since we break up he has maintained no chance of rela. or anything romantic between us... but after we were on the phone he started making sexual advances.. first as a joke but i started saying no way (which i meant) & he became serious, we had to see each other to return stuff this weekend & at first he said he’d just drop it off and leave.. then we agreed to hang out one last time…then when i “Acted crazy” he completely said he isn’t even open to that…but by the end of the conversation he wanted to have sex it went from one last time to wanting to have casual sex... i know sex doesn't mean anything in the in the grand schemes of rekindling a rela. so kept saying no.. b/c honestly I’m still inlove with him and he isn't with me anymore & i know how hurt.
i’ll be and saying no to sex is something i know i can do. he then said "I’m so sorry for even bringing it up that would make me such an jackass b/c you are vulnerable right now"…he apologized over and over i said it was ok.. but then a little while later he tried to convince me again…he then went to say well you don’t want to have sex so i’ll have to have sex with someone else and i’d prefer you.. i laughed and said the thought of that made me sick and i wish he wouldn’t
but he kept saying he isn’t going to not have sex on his birthday (few months away)…he ignored me anytime i said can you not have sex yet like wait a while…and then he said “you better not have sex with anyone” and i said…you’re telling me you’re going to have sex with other people but then saying i can’t.. you must be crazy (granted i have no plans to anytime soon) after i said that he stopped talking completely.. he fake fell asleep & came off the phone…we haven't spoken since


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  • Honestly, stop talking to this guy. It really looks like your hurting and he's just toying with you for the possibility of free casual sex with no commitment. Sounds like his only interest in you from this point on is sex and that would be way to painful for you in your state.

    You just have to get over him and then it won't hurt so bad. One day at a time and don't think about him having sex with anyone, it's not your concern now.

    I had the hardest time with this concept when my girl broke up with me and got in a relation ship 2 days later. But it gets better :)


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  • He sounds like a disgusting human being.

    He doesn't want a relationship with you. He knows you do want that. He then uses your feelings for him to try and make you have sex with him - by threatening to sleep with someone else.

    Just cut him off. I know its hard and I know you're hurting, but you need no contact so you can move on.

    Spend time with your friends and family. Immerse yourself in hobbies. Let go of him and move on.


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  • Stop being a door mat. People want what they can't have and they wipe their feet on the doormat.
    Don't be available to this guy. He's playing you and probably a bunch of others.


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  • All he wants is sex and he's just trying to find a quick fix and you should really not fall into that. I know it can be hard letting an ex go but sweetie he's not mr. Right or mr. Right now. Just try to occupy yourself with other stuff to do and when you do think about him think of how bad he was to you and know that the best thing for you is to move on. Good luck!


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