Should we break up even if we love each other?

I think we should break up because I am 3 years older than him and he is in college still. We aren't official because I'm too afraid to ask. Its been a year and a half. It seems unrealistic that we can make it another year with him in college and me not. We probably should break up but I really don't want to. If it is unrealistic to be together then is it the best to break up even if i don't want to? I love him, which is actually special to me, and he loves me. I'm confused and hurting over this


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  • You should become official, who cares if your older, if he loves you and you love him, he'll be out of college in a few years anyway, If you end up breaking up because the relationships not working, okay, but if your still in love and you want to break up because of convenience then you will regret it. Don't do something you'll regret.


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  • Why break up because you are older and he is still in college? Why are you not official after about 2 years?

    • yeah crazy i know. i see him probably 3 times a week. just don't have a label. I don't know

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    • Nope we both can hook up with other people

    • You should tell him that we want to be inclusive and if he does not want to , then you have to make a decision.

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  • We aren't official because I am to afraid to ask
    Then what are you?

    • i don't know. i see him like 3 times a week. i don't know what we are

    • Then I think you and he need to talk about your relationship about what it is, what you want it to be and where you want it to go. Doing nothing because of fear is only tearing you up. Nothing ventured nothing gained

    • thanks for the advice

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