I'm sick of this love hate relationship with him. I don't what to do about it though?

I liked him, he said he liked me. We talked for a few months went some amazing dates. All of a sudden I realized he wasn't as perfect as I thought. I mean it was my fault though right? He friendzoned me because I wouldn't have sex with him but I am not ready to change my whole life and go further than my bounties just to date him. I see him in the hallway everyday and we haven't talked since I walked away that night. When I see him and hang out in groups of friends with him. I love him but hate him at the same time. Part of me wants what we almost had back because I still like him but the other half of me hates him because of what he did to me. Or maybe it's more hating myself because I was wrong about him. I don't know what to do but I can't keep living like this


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  • You need to break up with him if you haven't. I would never stay with someone who use my body as a sex toy or just date me so they can have sex with me I can't stand guys like that. I don't want to have a relationship like that either. Its not your fault, don't be with him if he is just going to string you along and use you. I can understand that you aren't ready to change your whole life around. I had an ex that wanted to have a baby with me at 17. He said he would help me everything, but I told him its more to it then just I want a baby. Babies don't grow on trees, so I told him I'd rather wait, and he agreed. Having sex with someone can lead to attachments, that person could be using you just for your body and you wouldn't even know it. Its better to end it now then to get hurt later. Well then break up with him and go with your gut. I would never stay with someone like that who would just use me for sex. My body is not a toy, and I am not a sex toy. I'd like a real serious committed relationship besides just having sex. He just wants you for sex, he doesn't like you like you as in more than a friend like you. Its right there in front of your face, he just wants to get in your panties and have sex with you, he could care less about tying the knot. If you have to see his face everyday then act like he doesn't exist, that's what I do with my ex. But my ex was different he didn't use my body as a toy. He had a problem with being afraid to commit in a relationship and didn't know how to do his part. Distract yourself if you have to, but if I was you and he asked me to come back I would keep on walking like I didn't even see him. You say your trying, then try harder.

  • Forget about him. He never liked you - he just wanted sex. Move on. You will find when you are in college that you can have basically any type of guy you want since there are hundreds of different TYPES to choose from.

    • I know. I've tried for the past month or so but it's so hard to see him everyday.

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