How angry would you be if you saw your boyfriend with another girl?

Both of you decide to spend a night at a fancy hotel. Before going to bed, both of you do other stuff around the hotel, eating dinner, shopping, walking around, doing what ever. After doing stuff around the hotel, both of you go back to the room. Your boyfriend is watching TV, laying on the bed while you go get ice. As soon as you go back to your room, you see a another girl with your boyfriend whispering in his ear. She is dressed in a 40's and 50's formal dress with beautiful blond hair, and she looks see through. When she turns around looking at you, she disappears. Would you be angry if you saw your boyfriend with another girl. Have a happy Halloween ladies!


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  • Frightened. I would be frightened, intruiged, and I would probably have some fun with some amatuer ghost hunting for a night!

  • Real girl? I would be pissed off and consider breaking up
    Ghost girl like the one you just mentioned? I would be creeped out and it would be a frightening experience.

  • wait, she was a ghost?

    i wouldn't be mad... i'd just be freaked out...


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