Why does he say this? Is he hiding his feelings to put a tough front?

My ex bf broke up with me about 4 mths ago. he felt I hurt him.. but. we've always been around even after the breakup. He's told me before he cares about me but can't be with me right now because he doesn't want to be in a relationship. Can you care for someone but not have feelings for them? Isn't that the same thing? We use to have sex after the breakup, we hug and kiss. However, I stopped doing that since he cnt be with me and even stop txting him. Lately, after I no longer send him pics or text him first. . he's been txting me every night on his own for the past week. When I see him he gives me hugs etc. One time he said he wasn't planning on getting a gf soon i said well good because neither am I. It's like we try to hint it out without being direct. It seems like we are a couple without a title sometimes. I don't know if I shld cont slowly working at it and just be patient. My question is: he says he just cares for me and is sorry things didn't work out when we were together.. but doesn't his actions show otherwise? To me it's like he's slowly thinking about reconsidering but doesn't want me to pressure him. What do you'll think? First does he like me still? Please help any question you feel. Thank you in. Advance


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  • you guys don't have a normal ex relationship. as long as you two still keep acting this way, neither of you are going to move on. both of you still have feelings for each other.

    • No we dnt it's crazy.. people around us tell me "you'll 2 need to get together already" but it's not me it's him it seems like he doesn't know what he wants. He says he doesn't want to be with anybody right now but who hugs, txts, and kisses their ex. I want to be patient but I'm also afraid one day he finds somebody and he leaves me at the same time like you said as long as we are the way we r maybe he cnt look anywhere else as easily when I still have his heart

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    • I've even told him b4 if you cnt commit than ima keep my distance.. but he tells me not to

    • unless you guys stop doing the intimate stuff with each other, this isn't going to be normal.

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  • Stop hinting and just tell him what you want. And then both of you need to work on your flaws. If you truly love someone you want to be as perfect as you can be for them.

    • I have told him and have made it clear that I still have feelings for him and never meant to hurt him and have apologized numerous times for hurting him even if it wasn't my intentions. He's told me b4 he holds no animosity (which I feel he still does) because he's told me b4 i hurt him. I've heard him say "i can forgive but not forget" to me that means he still hasn't. It's so weird because he says one thing but who still txts their ex hugs her and kisses her even after he says he cnt be with her right now? My heart says deep down inside he still feels for me but his fear is getting the best of him.. but I hope it's not just my imagination but to me he has shown some interest still..

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