My ex stood me up & was extremely cruel when I called & asked about it?

after saying he wanted no contact i broke nc... he was unhappy i did so eventually i hung up after he was being mean.. but then he called me back a few times & even texted and convinced me to meet up with him the next day... he said he'd tell me what time.. i waited all day & heard nothing so i called and asked what was going on... i assumed car trouble since he had that the entire relationship... i heard evidence of that in the background but i can't be 100%... i thought maybe he'd say that but instead he was extremely cruel and said he didn't need to meet up anymore & we didn't need to talk... he wouldn't give an explanation.. he just acted harshly... a complete 180 from last night when he was begging to meet up to "have a nice talk" & give me a hug before we parted ways for good... needless to say i'm shattered.. more by how he acted than not meeting up.. he got my hopes up and then acted like i was crazy for being hurt/upset... i have no idea what to do or how to feel right now... or why he did that... i hung up & left him alone.. why call back and get me to agree to see him & do that? it just makes no sense to me... i find it very cruel & cold... part of me really believes he had car trouble & he couldnt come since he wa sthe one who initiated it and was excited about this "talk" & that he thought taking the tough guy role as if he didn't care either way is what "exes" do...& then part of me wonders if he really is that much of an asshole and planned the whole thing to hurt me... im just so lost here


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  • when you agreed to talk and get a hug before you PARTED ways for GOOD why would that get your hopes up? I think most of the times it's foolish to go and get 'closure' from an ex as it rehashes hurt feelings and someone always gets their hopes up.


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