He's starting to fade out?

A guy that I have been seeing for about three months now has recently stopped talking to me. Before we started seeing each other we were friends, not very close but we knew of each other and seen each other around school and at parties. We started to hangout a lot and we have gotten to know each other better which led to us having feelings for each other (on my part, I don't know about his) He's told me before that he likes me and I believed him even thought his behavior never really showed it. I don't know if he was shy with his feelings or not but if we were in public he would either ignore me or just act like we're friends, even though we've made out and what not. He's not the best texter' either, I wouldn't hear from him for a week, maybe even two. But when we hangout the communication would be fine. My friend and I threw a Halloween party and he showed up (since we have mutual friends) and he didn't say a word to me. The week or so before that he finally asked me to hangout (after not hearing from him for a few days) but I told him that I'll be able to after I hangout with some coworkers. Once i told him that he didn't reply. Fast-forward to the Halloween party and then yeah, we didn't say a word to each other. I know I should of talked to him first but I was so busy watching the party and making sure everyone was good that I couldn't get a change and it kind of sucks to put in the effort with someone you like and spent time with personally just get the silent treatment.

My question is should I try to contact him even though I don't even know what to say? Or should I just let it fade out and move on?


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  • Let it fade out. If he acts like he doesn't know you in public that's a HUGE red flag! You are an after thought to him. If his texts are really short and bland (more bland than anything), he's just entertaining the idea of you being an option. Drop it and move on before you put wayyy too much of yourself into it and wind up with lost time and more wounds.

    • Yeah you're right, I've been feeling like I should just let it go. But what if he texts me again? I wouldn't know what to say. Should I just ignore him?

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