This girl I like, just went through a break up she seems to like me aswell is there a problem if I pursue or Should I just be her friend for now?

Ok so long story this girl just broke up with her boyfriend but she seems to like me. Basically we only started speaking recently, she's a really nice girl. At the moment it's purely friendly but one night we was kind of drunk and she was telling me about her situation with her boyfriend who is violent, i told her she was beautiful and didn't deserve that because she's a lovely person etc i was kinda drunk so i just blurted out how amazing i thought she was but not in a i like you kinda way just in a way to show her she deserves more than a violent guy you know.

She was speaking to one of my friends about it that same night and he told me she said i'm a really nice guy and she likes me because i'm different, most of the guys she has dated have been jerks that have cheated and treated her badly but i'm like really nice and a gentlemen as one time it was quite late so i offered to walk her home.

Anyway i think she is a really nice girl, tbh i kind of feel like i'm starting to like her already, like we have gone out a few times and had loads of fun together, she's always inviting me places she's going etc and we speak like everyday.

Thing is people say people need time to heal or you will be the rebound but i remember one of my friends who has been with his gf for 3 years told me he saw her getting abused by a boyfriend and told her she didn't deserve that and took her out and the rest was history. I feel like she's just seen that i'm a genuinely nice guy and a guy that would treat her right, so is there anything wrong with purusing her or should i be waiting a while as she just broke up with her bf. I mean i don't want to be the rebound guy but as he was violent and doesn't even live in the same country i don't think he would be too much of a problem.


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  • Rebound relationships almost never last. If you want something real with her, let her heal.

    • How long do you reckon i should let her heal for?

    • Depends how long she was with the guy. If it was under a year I'd say give it a month or so. But if it was over a year let her come to you.

  • I would make sure and see that she is totally over that guy before you ask her out.


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