Silent treatment to my ex dating guy?

Long story make it short. I was dating the guy for a several months and we decided to broke up. He wanted to broke up and I accepted. After we broke up I found out I'm pregnant. I told him and since then, he become a little by little, not nice to me. He didn't say terminate the baby and he said he will help me but he has kept tell me that I broke up with you because I do not wanna married you, etc. We were not in serious relationship yet but some reason, he has started to against me about our relationship.
I liked him so it was hard for me to accept broke up our relationship but I didn't say anything. I feel like stubbing again by him.
I will keep the baby but I do not need to have any his support, financially. Of course if he wants to support then for the baby, I would not refuse it but for now, I cannot take this mean attitude from him anymore.
Can I tell him how much I hurt what he said and I do not want to talk to him anymore?
Or should I just ignore him? He lives in next states and not easy to drive to come see me anyway. Also I'm about move back to my family's house due to my pregnancy.
Anyone have done silent treatment? If so, please tell me how does it work?
I would like to tell him all in my mind then ignore him though, I should not say anything then disappear?
I cannot continue to deal this guy for now...
Please help me how cut him off and move on my life.
He doesn't bother me everyday nor contact me for a few days but I know he will contact me soon again.


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  • stay strong... sorry I don't have experience in this but you need to stay unstressed to keep the baby healthy


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  • He has a legal right to be in his kids life. And issues between you and him shouldn't affect that at all. If you hold his kid from him, and he wants it in his life, then you are a petty person and I hope he fights you for custody.


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