Ex girlfriend using sick relative to try and talk to me? Sounds pretty low?

My ex broke up with me about 6 months ago after 4 years together. She immediately started dating someone else, about a month ago I started dating someone, then all of a suddon her and I receieved hate mail, and she followed me on Twitter. She apologized for breaking up with me, but I told her I couldn't date her but we can remain associates. Well she found out my sick grandma was leaving, she and my grandma are close and my grandma has cancer. Over the past few weeks she's been texting me asking when she can come see her. After saying she was going to come visit 3-4 different times and getting my grandmas hopes up, then dashed away after standing my grandma up multiple times. I had a friend tell me she could be using my grandmas sickness as means to communicate with me and try to get back into my life. What are you thoughts?


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  • That is a mess up dude block her in every social network you have, change your number and tell her to back off if not you will tell her boyfriend, don't be weak and don't show her the worm shoulder she will just mess your life and leave again believe me dude I know that type of girls... @Asker

  • That's messed up that she's trying to talk to you through that way. I would tell her no because she is hurting your gma and it would hurt more if they are close. Tell her no because she stood ur gma up and that hurts people. After that many times she shouldn't keep asking if she is going to keep standing her up it shouldn't even have happened once. That would hurt your gma but if something keeps making her sad it will make it worse, trust me i know some people in my family and my family friends have had cancer so when they get hurt it also hurts their body/health.


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