Ex gf "moved on" in 1 month? Help please?

So after our break up ( arguments and disagreements) ended up worse because i took away her promise ring because she ignored me for weeks (didnt take away perfumes, clothing, bear, shoes, etc. ) i know that was bad but i didn't want her to pawn it. Her mom told me to stay away too. My friends have been saying that she's already in love again (facebook)

How could she just moved on after the serious relationship that we had? We would shower together and sleep together for days, etc.
Is it just a rebound?
will she ever come back or is too late?

I know i need to "move on" too but i dont want to be in a relationship. Im not ready and i dont want to waste money on a girl for her to leave again. Im going through a hard time..


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  • Ok man what u have to do is stop all contact with her. Dont get into another relationship unless u want sex and thats it honestly. What you need to do is focus on yourself because if you do that, girls will flock to you naturally because it shows confidence aka love for oneself. You will meet many women that u like/love over a short period of time, this one is only 1 crab in a barrel.


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  • dude move on... concerning her relationship its just a rebound

  • ah the best way to get even with a dude after break up is to just move on :')
    the sweet truth


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  • You move on by focusing on yourself and improving your life. Start dominating in every other aspect of your life, be it school, work, the gym, being a good friend/son/brother, video games, whatever.

    Keep busy. Do things you love. Be very active so that you can sleep easier. And slowly but surely it will get better and you will move on.

    • It really helps!! After my ex broke up with me I became Valedictorian, Cheer Captain, and Prom Queen! (: When you know you're doing well, it gives you an ego boost. You won't have loads of time to think about her when you're busy with everything, feeling good about yourself! Just a side note, I'd almost guarantee in a little bit, she'll reconnect with you somehow and want to get back together. Girls are sentimental; the memories you and her have are probably still extremely vivid in her mind. She'll start regretting sooner or later

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