How long will it take for him to come back?

If I go no contact with my ex how long would it take for him to come back?

He has said he needs space and time and dosnt want to talk at the moment.

Guys if your ex ignored you how long would it take you to be like ahh crap and chase her if you still loved her?


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  • I would wait 2 weeks and then shut the door in my mind. I would not chase.
    If she dumped me (which has just happened) it is for her to tell me if or when the issue is resolved.
    I am told with women this is never, they don't come back after they dump you, so I am not holding my breath. Never chase.

    • If I dumped someone and realised I made a mistake I would probably think about it for a few weeks, then I would think again and then wonder if she was getting over me and contact her pretty quickly. So anything from 2 weeks to 3 or even 6 months if I was meeting other people.

    • I see, I hope he realises quickly but something tells me he won't. Thanks for your opinion. :)

    • Have a few dates with someone. He will soon focus.

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