I'm wanting to scare this girl that has ruined my relationship. How can I scare her? Or put her in her place?

So I'm wanting to scare the girl that broke me and my boyfriend up, she told him stuff that is not true and I'm wanting to scare her and put her in her place, any ideas?


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  • Maybe you should scare her by doing nothing and being the better, more mature person.


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  • Yea, DONT scare her. apparently she has no respect and became a wrecker. if she took your bf, means he was weak minded and will leave her too at some point. you don't want a man like that, if you ask me, i think she did you a favor. you should be thanking her. he could have left you for another girl way later when you were really invested emotionally. you have a lot more relationships coming, learn from this one, and move on.

    • Well the thing is this isn't the first time she has weaseled her way into my relationship

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    • whatever

    • you asked my opinion, you have it. you can take it, or you can ignore it. (like you did your man)
      see where you end up.

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  • Send her a naked picture of yourself.
    I'm pretty sure it would scare anyone.

    • Ok, I'm being cheeky.

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    • alright

    • apparently our asker has no sense of humor nor does she actually want the truth either. she wants a magical princess wand. she thinks I'm being mean... oh.. mean will come later.

  • Don't bother! Blame your bf or ex... more shame on him than her!


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