My ex still messages me he's really rude and tries to blame his actions of sleeping with another girl on me?

He made me very insecure about myself, he's been saying I'm all that lately? Thinking I'm the shit, but I'm really just trying to brush off the fact that he slept with another girl while I was on vacation..


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  • This often happens where a person cheats. They can't accept responsibility for their actions and try lay the blame on the injured partner. My ex-wife did exactly the same.
    There is nobody else to blame for his lack of character.
    Kick him into the long grass where the snake belongs. Don't look back.
    Don't keep quiet either, tell everybody you know what he did. You must shine a light on people who cheat. Otherwise they just keep going and making us all fools until the truth comes out. It nearly always does so get even.


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  • listen to what the dudes said (y)


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  • One thing about cheaters to know is that you're now seeing their manipulative behavior. Seriously... "Because you did this I shoved my penis into another girl! It's all your fault! You put your hand on my cock and shoved it in her!" He's a dumbass. Everything he tells you is just more proof as to why he's your ex. The situation speaks for itself. You don't need to say a word to him.


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