I found out she's with another guy now and not sure I can deal with it?

I found out on the weekend that one of my female friends / love interest who I hadn't seen for a couple months as she had been off at college for nursing is now seeing another guy she meet when there and he's like a medical student or something along that line.
its frustrating cause I had missed her a lot and I though we got along good on Friday night when I saw her. then I like find this out and honestly it sounds like he's a better catch in the long term. I realise I'm now totally free to date other people but being such a small town there isn't even that many options and I had really liked her and not sure I can really deal with though of her being with another guy or like ending up with some rich doctor


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  • Don´t put yourself in that position, that you are not good enough etc. If you don´t know what you are worth it, you won´t persuade someone else. And I guess there are plenty other qualities than being a doctor, a woan will find attractive

    • I never though she was too good for me during the summer when we were actually hanging out in person. its just her trying to be a nurse and this guy also being in same job area , they might have more of a connection I'm assuming.

    • well this could be true, that they might have more in common.
      But does´t mean she didn´t enjoyed time with you. I know it is so dmm hard, but you should move on. It is easier said than done (I know it bymeself)

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  • Are you/is she up for an open relationship? It's okay to date multiple people as long as everyone's on the same page. I have a wife and a girlfriend, and they each date other guys/girls. Everything is awesome. :)

    • I don't know how serious there relationship really is , she's also away at school so I don't see that much of her. she still wants to be friends if nothing else

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