I don't want to overthink what my ex boyfriend is doing. Should I just wait and see what happens?

We dated for 6 weeks after knowing for 1 year, & the relationship was tight bond. He told me no one ever cared about him as much as I did.

While at 1st we wanted to be together all the time, he stopped wanting to be affectionate in public (he's a dude) & we rarely were able to get 1-on-1 time. I got kinda clingy, which ONLY bothered him at the end, & 1 day he wasn't attentive to me. I asked if he still wanted me forever, & he said no.

It STUNG, but we want to stay friends. (I asked if he would come back when tensions eased; he said "I don't know right now") I said he didn't have to be nice to me he said "but I want to be nice!" and, genuinely, he wants me to be happy.

minimal talk since. I distanced a little. 3 days after I asked if he wanted to talk about what went wrong, a little through it he said "I don't want to talk about this right now". I chose to never bring it up again.

next day I didn't even look at him because it hurt at the time. I'm sure he knew it.

5 days after (marching band tour & Halloween football game) I said hi, & wanted to give him space for the day. but he made a huge effort to talk. he told me he was joining the band that I had said I planned joining (drumline instructor said to tho). he came to chat a lot & often turned around to talk about the area or band or anything. he made a point to be like "did you see my costume for the game?" tho I already talked to him about it. & he told me about something he was SUPER stressed over. so he wants me to pay attention & be around, but I don't know if he's reconsidering or just making an aggressive effort to be friendly.

it's nice we're friends, but am I wrong to hope he has already had some feelings resurface (esp because he as lots of close friends who are exes)? our friend thinks he doesn't know what he wants, who knows. :/ I wonder if I keep giving him space, he'll miss me...


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  • I think I would tell him that were a couple or not and that if not you don't want him around you because it hurts too much


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