What should I do to fully move on with my ex?

My ex and I broke up back in April but we managed to be close friends until September when I cut him off because I didn't like how I was being treated (though I have had a lot going on in my life so it could all have been mostly overreactions). I told him to never talk to me again and I haven't heard from him as expected. I feel bad about how I actually cut him off but nothing I could do about it now and he was also a jerk about it. I was doing fine for the most part and was even thinking about apologizing and asking to at least be cordial because I don't like having negative energy or grudges towards anybody. But I recently found out that a "friend" set him up on a date party with one of her friends, which is somebody who I also know. Now those who know what date parties are know that nothing serious ever comes from first meetings with date parties. I'm not mad or jealous at my ex for it but I am mad that my "friend" set them up. I was mostly fine until this recent incident, but I am more upset at the "friend" for basically disrespecting me in a way (ladies, I'm sure you can relate somehow).

What do I do so I can fully move on? Due to many events in my life these past few months, I am starting to see a therapist but I'm not sure if that can help me. I also don't want to have grudges with my ex and I hate being on bad terms, as I would with anybody who I would be on bad terms with for bad periods of time. Life is too short to hold grudges.


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  • date new people maybe? that might be a start. or like find other things to do , like a hobby , join a gym , those kinds of things

    • I probably won't find anybody dateable for a long time lol my ex ruined that for me as of right now. But I can pick up some sort of hobby and I am going to look for a job ASAP. A lot of these thoughts have been because I haven't been doing anything and my ex even warned me about this a long time ago. He did tell me that he would always want me around no matter what happened awhile back since I was his best friend.

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