Kick him off Facebook - yes or no?

After some arguments, my boyfriend and I just stopped communicating a couple of weeks ago (he wanted to think about it). He's usually not the kind of person that doesn't talk about stuff, but since it's such a long time I just assume that it's over anyway. Now I'm thinking whether I should cut all ties and delete him from my Facebook account, but since that's a very definite decision, I'm hesitating. I was talking with a friend about it and he said that I should not delete him, because he could take it as an excuse if I do. But what's the difference if I do or don't delete him (in terms of his reactions)?


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  • Facebook seems to be the least of your concerns... figure out if you want to be done with him for good and go from there.

    • Since he doesn't communicate with me, I suppose he's not interested in any contact anymore anyway. So I think this question is irrelevant, isn't it?

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    • Means that he thinks he still has a chance. Blocking him sends a message but also lets him know you care enough to at least do that. No matter what you do he may get the wrong impression.

    • Thanks for the answer. I would not block him, either delete or keep. But I think for the moment I'll just try to keep him in the list.

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  • Kick him off if it is over for you. If you want him back, contact him. People who want to be together are together. They make attempts or at least see how each other are doing. They miss each other. Weeks of zero communication is pretty clear to me.


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  • Kick him and watch for his new friends request teach him a lesson


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