Don't know if I should continue this relationship, I need some opinions (helpful ones)?

my question is if I should continue this relationship, trust this current guy
some important background information: I've had others backstab me before, had past ex bf's say bad things about me, live with parents, mother keeps harrassing me for money but she doesn't work or bother to, feel under control of parents (have no house key or car key). I'm in a mixed culture/ race relationship and my family are 50 50 about my bf. a lot of verbal abuse happens at home and screaming , slamming doors but I'm use to it.
at first it was him causing me stress, he got kicked out of his place, got a job that barely pays above minimum but pays the bills, he says he's been depressed lately and I've told him my life has gone down hill sine I've dated him ( spent 3000$) so far of my savings in a 9 month period. I have a part time job because I heeded his and my parents advice to quit my last job (had no job for a month) it's been super stressful for me. every time we eat, I pay every other day. I feel like it's not even a real relationship if I have to pay for meals. or he meets me half way. still it isn't good enough. I feel that I don't have to pay since the first few months, he was homeless and I had to help with his crap. so there is a lot of emotional crap we both have dealt with. I wonder if I should end it or if we should go on? he kind of sucks as a bf in my opinion. he's been there to drive me from place to place but gifts aren't often (doesn't have a lot of money) and he has emotional outbursts sometimes (grumpiness). he says he's not happy but still wants to date me. I don't kno wbecause since I met him, things seem to go down the hole continually and nothing in my life seems better. I've put on weight. I feel stressed. my skin started to break out and it never use to do that. and obviously I'm depressed and seeing a counsellor. what route is possible? would u just dump a guy who's like this and not bothered?


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  • Yes dump him. He's not good for you. And if you can leave your parents do that too


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