Is my ex-boyfriend missing me?

I was dating a guy about 2 years ago, however we broke up due to the fact that he wasn’t over his previous marriage and was afraid that our relationship wouldn’t last, but he wanted to keep a very close friendship with me. As his signs were mixed (i. e. he sometimes touched me like simple friends don’t touch, sometimes he accidentally kissed me on the lips, we met at least once a week), I couldn’t bear staying just friends so I told him that I want to stop talking to him. However, after about 10 months I started missing him, and slowly, insecurely and irregularly we pick up contact again. Unfortunately about a month ago I found out that he started dating someone (that relationship is very new, about 2 months since they have been together). I didn’t know how to react, it was hurting very much, however I was still bold enough to ask him to help me with my legal studies. I offered his new girlfriend to join in if she wants to, but he didn’t bring her at all. Instead, he turned things around and he said he would rather like to help me get on with my life, so we started talking again and we see each other once every week. I wanted to meet him at a neutral place first, but he wanted to come up to my new place and now he comes to my house regularly. We talk about my life and he tries to persuade me all the time about how awesome I am, however the fact that he is with that other girl is killing me. Yesterday I mentioned him that I am very sad about a thing that slipped out of my hand and I feel like I can’t get it back because there are huge obstacles in my way. I didn’t dare to tell him that it was about him, but he found out that it is a relationship, so he asked what I expected from a relationship and what I thought I could offer. Then suddenly he blurted out that after our breakup he realized that he wanted a girl like me...
The issue is, that his current girlfriend is totally not like me. She has body image and eating disorder issues that I have never had, has a totally different temperament, intellect, education and personality as well. On top of that, the first time he came to my house, he didn’t tell his current girl and she got upset and she told me. Since that he’s been telling her that he is coming here, but the girl started bullying me because of his coming here regularly.
Yesterday I mentioned him that it disturbs his girlfriend that he is coming here and that I don’t want to cause trouble, however I don’t want to lose our newly found “friendship”. He told me that he doesn’t care what his girlfriend thinks, that is a totally different relationship to what he has with me and that she is the only one responsible for her own feelings. He also told me, that he will be happy to come next week as well. Opinions?


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  • He obviously misses you if he's being so disrespectful to his current girlfriend and disregarding her feelings just to see you.


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