What are the chances of my ex coming back?

My ex boyfriend experiences anxiety and depression and had a lot of stuff going on his life including schoolwork, parents who are controlling and hard on him, a commander position for ROTC, us being both in marching band... and of course, me, but I used to be the person he would seek solace in, and I did that with him too. We had a bond that we thought would be unbreakable. He talked about me and did stuff for me all the time.

One day last week he just stopped being attentive to me, and I clung to him more. We had had problems with hanging out before because we both have other stuff to do and his parents would often make him do chores all day when he was free.

But I found out that he had... stopped loving me. He still wants to be my friend, and be still tries REALLY hard to talk to me even though he doesn't feel the same way anymore and I try to give him the space that I did not give him before.

I know I can't make a guarantee or prediction that he will come back and want me again, I keep getting told that, and maybe I'm so upset about it because he was my first serious boyfriend. But we truly thought we were the right people for each other, and I think we still can be if I give him some time and IF he ever decides he wants to try again.

In that case... if I stick around and be his friend and be supportive without smothering him, and while still being the person he fell in love with... what do you think are the chances that he will? :/
He also dropped his commander position a few days ago (he came to me about it because he was so stressed about giving it up and dumping it on someone else, and he still tells me a lot of stuff if he sees me).


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  • I would definitely say try to get over him. He's only being your friend to not hurt you. It's okay to move on. I'm sure you felt he was the one but there's so many guys to come. Don't you want to experience another love story. Your just going to stay on the same chapter over and over again. Pretty soon he's probably going to go out with someone else, and it's going to hurt you


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