Im confused on what my ex girlfriend is doing to me, I love her and want her back more than anything but I dont know what to do?

My ex broke up with me on October 7 2014 after dating for almost a year. She fell in love with me the moment she saw and said she's never been in love with someone so much before, i fell for her too because she was the girl I've been waiting for, we were perfect for eachother always calling each other names but just joking around with eachother and being competitive with eachother. We liked all the same things and her family really liked me. She even told her mom that i was husband material for her and brought up marriage and kids often throughout our relationship. In September of 2014 i started to act more jealous and get salty with her more often. This put stress on her thinking she couldnt make me happy anymore and broke up with me on Tuesday oct 7. About 5 days later (sunday) she called me and wanted to talk and we did for awhile, and then on the Monday she came and gave back my stuff, after talking for about 30 minutes she started to hug me tightly and we started to kiss. That following Saturday i went to her place to get the rest of my things. We talked for about 3 hours and hugged, kissed, cuddled and had sex. During the 3 hours she said stuff like i dont want to lead you on, i dont want a bf right now, and i know i want to be with you but can't right now. After that night i hadent seen or heard from her in 2 weeks. Until Saturday (Nov 1) where i saw her at a party. She hugged me, and at one point came by and kissed me on the cheek. She left the party and texted me 6 times and called me saying i was the hottest guy there and wanted me to please sleep over to cuddle. I decided to and i played a song on the guitar for her that i made just for her after we broke up, she broke down in tears because she loved it and wants it on her ipod. We cuddled through the night and kissed eachother and she said she was happy to see me, and felt so comfertable cuddeling with me. She said " your my friend, well more than a friend" to me and wants to do homework dates with me.
She said it brought all her emotions up when she saw me and it worsened when i did everything right and made her heart melt (the song i made for her). She said goodnight and to sleep tight and sweet dreams. Now i am stuck wondering just what the hell is going on here. She doesn't want anyone else and says she loves my body and that im handsome, and it feels so nice when i kiss her on the cheek.


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  • She likes you a lot and can't let you go but wants to exhaust other options is what it sounds like to me. If her family liked you that means you were probably a gentleman for her and that just makes things harder. The philosophy I'd say is if you live her, let her go and see if she comes back to you. It'll hurt for a little to see her away but ultimately if you're not ment to be something else will come along later

    • You make sense and i feel like i just have to let her go, but i know she is still in love with me just by the way she looks at me and kisses me, after 3 weeks of being broken up she finally just changed her phone background which was me and her. She was in love with me more than I've ever seen someone be in love with someone, my friends can even see it when they see her look at me, and i see it to and i told her that i can tell that she does just by her eyes and she started to cry cause its true. She is the one for me and even though this wasent my longest relationship it was defiantly the most happiest and enjoyable because of how much we were in love.

    • Then ask her if it is something you should continue. Sit down and talk about future stuff together and see what you both want.

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  • So what's new? Very few women (about 20%) can stay in love with the same man for the long term. It has nothing to do with how good you are, and you could be perfect. For most women, it lasts somewhere between one and 4 years. She sounds like one of the 80%. If try to stay with her, you'll be sorry.

    You just have to trade them in, and start again.

    • Nah not this girl, she was way to in love with me. Im no where near perfect but she thought i was, and she always thought i was perfect for her and even wanted a promise ring, she's had a lot of bad relationships but she said i was the best boyfriend she has ever had and even told my dad that we could possibly work things out in a month or two

    • They're all 'way too in love with you" for the first few years. Don't let that fool you.

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