My friend just asked me a question that threw me off. What could it mean?

So a very good friend of mine, out of nowhere, asked me if she broke up with her boyfriend, which I'm good friends with too, would I still talk to her and/or avoid her?

She's been texting me frequently lately and we've hanged out a couple times together without her bf. Normally he doesn't mind since we're all good friends and he's at work most of the time. Also, she has been complaining about him a lot lately as well.

Let me just clarify that I don't like her and I never have, nor I plan to hook up with her or stuff like that. Like I said, we're all good friends. Friends for about 4 years, with him and her.

So my question is, why did she ask that? Is she planning to break up with him or maybe something else? What do you guys think? Thanks.


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  • She asked that because she values you and wants to continue your friendship even if she breaks up with her boyfriend. More times, if a couple breaks up, then friends in the group start to split and choose sides based on who they were closer to, and thats kind of unfortunate. Friendships that end after a breakups are pretty much conditional friendships, and that never really good.


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  • Sounds like a break up is going to happen but she doesn't want to lose the friendship.


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