How do I give him back his hoodie?

I went out with a guy who live kinda far, so one time when I was oovooing (it's a face time app), my step brother was in the room and told my ex that good boyfriends give their girlfriends their hoodies. That to me was kind of a stupid thing to assume. Anyways my ex was like "I'll give you my hoodie before we leave for prom." That to me was kind of pushy because we had only been officially dating for a day or two. So he gave it to me anyways after I refused. We dated for a Month. After I broke up with him, I realized I have his hoodie. How am I supposed to give it back? Since he lives an hour away, we would have to hang out and I don't wanna do that. I can't really keep it cause it ha s his name on the back.


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  • Yeah you can mail it back. If you ever were near his place you could also just drop it off, you don't have to hang out with him or anything.

    I'm not sure what he meant to you or if the hoodie bears any significance or emotional value to you, if it does I'd suggest putting it away in a box or something. I know I regret giving my ex hers back.


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