My ex boyfriend still mentions me to his new girlfriend?

My ex and I broke up well he dumped me back in August this year and he jumped into a rebound!
I' was stalking his page and his new girlfriends and there was a time she was tweeting about how he should stop and move on and how what I do with boys is no longer his business! She was indirecting him! It was so funny
Anyway what does that mean? I know it obviously means he hasn't moved on but he's stopped talking about me to his gf does this mean he's off of me now?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Some people (guys and girls) have this weird thing where they can't move on from past relationships.

    I mean you were stalking his page and he was probably stalking yours. Sounds like you both kinda have it.

    • yeah i guess but he seems happy with hhis new girlfriend I don't know the best thing I've done is not speak tohim for three months straight

    • I agree, you should probably stop internet stalking as well, he's probably best left unremembered.

What Girls Said 1

  • many people still talk about their past relationships sometimes as experiences but sometimes because they can't move on they still miss the person.

    • True but my ex don't want me back he seems so happy with his new gf :/ like he just jumped into a whole new rship like wtf?

    • I know I didn't wanted my ex back I haven't had a relationship for years after him because he hurted me a lot and made me loose my confidence but I still missed him, stalked him and talked about him during all my high school Know I only talk about him if my friends talk about him or something odd happens that has something to do with hi,

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