I'm in a endless cycle with the girl of my dreams?

This is my ex that I'm talking about. Where dated on and off for 4-5 years, our breaks were usually her cheating, getting in legal trouble, or being bipolar. Each time she would blame me, break up, and I would chase her until we were together. She moved away for 2 years, and we occasionally spoke to each other every month. But last August, she moved back and we hit it off pretty good. As soon as we got to the point of dating she told me she was afraid of hurting me. Within days she became extremely distant with me. Two months later we started talking again, got extremely close, then she broke it off to have relations with a guy she hadn't seen in 7 years. Literally he flew her from florida to cali because they were supposed to be perfect. They lasted three days before she came back and apologized to me. Then from December to February when dated, and on Vday she asked me to be her girlfriend. I said yes because I truly love this girl. Three days later she broke up with me because there was a guy. She hadn't seen this guy in 5 years. They lasted 4 months of doing a long distance relationship. When that ended, she found me, flirted and everything and two weeks later when I asked her out, the reply was don't you know I have a boyfriend. I refused to talk to her for months, but then at a funeral we started talking again. For three months everything was smooth, she loved being around me and would actually tell me she loved me. When had our weekly date night, but three weeks ago the day after a date she changed. That week she flaked for our date, then the following days she started to become more flaky and distant. Ill admit when this happened I got upset and we would argue almost daily because she would make it clear that this group of people she was hanging with was more important then me. She then turned this into I'm just living life, to I'm interested in one of the guys. Should I just run away from her? I feel stupid for chasing, but she is the girl of my dreams


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  • Oh dear, Well usually the right thing is to chose the girl of your dreams but for your own sake, please let her go and Find someone else, sorry bro but she seems very unstable and doesn't know what she wants so how will you ever be sure she wants you and will stay true to you? I say let her go :) for your own happiness, its Hard but for the best :)


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  • She's unstable. You've tried and did your best. It took years off your life. It's impossible to be in a relationship with her. I'd say to let her go.

    Or, if you truly enjoy this endless cycle, you can keep going. This is self destructive and most likely won't end too well, which is why I advise stop seeing her.

    • No, I feel like the cycle needs to really end. This is just added stress, so I'll take your advise and move on

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  • She repeatedly broke up with you to be with other guys? Leave her. she doesn't know what she wants. The girl of you dreams would not come and go when it's convinient for her. She want to be with only you. You can find better :) Really.

    • Yes, she uses me as filler until she meets someone, but then they never last

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  • The girl of your dreams wouldn't break your heart over and over like this, bro. She's a woman you love and are infatuated with. You have a history too, which always complicates emotions. But she ain't the woman of your dreams, bud.

    Get out. Now. Don't invest any more emotion, effort, or time into her. Start living and improving YOUR life. Focus on you.


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