Ex boyfriend doesn't want to be friends after ending the relationship on good terms?

my boyfriend and i were having trouble with our long distance relationship because of the physical aspect of the relationship (we both want each other there all the time) and after a long talk about it last week, we decided that we would try to make it work

on Sunday night, we were talking about what to get for eachother for christmas, but the next morning he called me and said he doesn't think its going to work out because the distance is too much, he believes that we had a good relationship but at the wrong time

i was fine with this because i had been thinking the same thing, but he didn't want to be friends and in fact said that he thinks we should stop talking altogether and go our own ways

why wouldn't he want to be friends with me if we ended on good terms? we had a great relationship, its just that we go to different uni's in different towns


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  • It is too painful for him to talk to someone he has feelings for when he knows it won't work out.

    • So i guess i just have to let it be

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