Break up remedies? What to do or use to heal broken heart?

Just broke up with my boyfriend... why? because he has a wife and 2 children in bulgaria that I didn't know about, the pain was unbelievable, and I'm wondering... everyone has been through a break up. what do you use for healing? Best method of healing?


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  • When my daughter went through a terrible break up I suggested she guard your heart.

    I then told her in a relationship first comes infatuation, then you have to embrace the same "wants and goals" without colliding then you have to look into each others eyes and see their heart and know they are doing the same to you before you can discover true love.

    In the mean time consider my personal message I forwarded to you yesterday, about intimacy. Even though the ex is a jerk you will find love.


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  • I say bounce back, you have your freedom again. see what else is out there and keep a smile on. it may be just a front at first but it will eventually become a reality.
    its also going to be an additional slap the married man to see that you got over him so quickly.


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  • Get out! Go on dates. It doesn't have to be serious or mean anything just get out to feel alive again. Buy your self some new clothes. I find the more I improve my looks the more I feel better about myself cause it kind of takes a hit to your self Esteem. Lastly download spotify and play the shit out of every play list. Music does wonders for the soul. Also eat heathy. Get up and get going even if you don't feel like it. And have a friend let you talk their ear off. Let them know that you are going to be selfish this night and only talk about you.

    • Yeh that all sounds really good wayto go! im gonna get. Spotify, what ways do you improve your look?

    • I get fake eyelashes and hair extentions and buy new makeup. It makes me at least feel better lol

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