Why am I going through a... Relapse? How do I stop it?

It's a long story short, last year, from June '13 - March '14, I was in love with a good friend. She broke my heart three times and in March, the third time made me stop being friends. She was selfish, led me on, I now know she lied to me consistently, and I was her ego boost. Unrequited love in my end. She will be "A".

In November '13, I met this girl G. I met her at a place where I went to see A. We exchanged numbers, talked maybe twice during Nov, and she stopped responding. Come April '14, she texts me apologizing that her mom over heard us (who was right there when I got her number) and her mom didn't approve. Our slight age gap (G was fine with) and then she was super controlling. But from there we kept talking. She was so humble and shy. She was... perfect. Absolutely perfect.

We eventually said wanted to date each other. But her mom didn't approve of the timing while G was getting ready for college (understandable) so we were gonna wait until we could. She wanted to wait for me. We'd call every weekend, text consistently, Skype, etc. It was going splendidly. But in late September, she became distant, and then eventually apologized because me waiting for her wasn't fair to me. We said our goodbyes, leaving me heartbroken again. Still am.

When that was all going to hell, I looked up A's Facebook profile. Mistake. She has a boyfriend of a few months. Which is why I now know she lied to me. Her saying "She doesn't date. Will not. It's not me, too busy, etc". That really got to me. So now, despite that I felt moved on from A while with G, I feel like I'm regressing. I feel sad when I think of things reminding me of A again

Also it's been a couple weeks, I'm still discouraged that I won't find anyone like G again. My friends are so awesome, and I feel awful that I'm letting them down and frustrating them when I'm not moved on yet. I just stopped talking about it. It helps a bit.

But why am I regressed to A? And how do I stop this entirely?


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