Parents devorce, anything I could do?

So I'm a grown ass man (19) but its still hard for me to see them that upset and fight all the time... I feel bad about it but there is nothing I can do for them, how did you deal with your parents diverse?


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  • I felt the same way when my parents got divorced 8 years ago. It was hard for me in the beginning, but I accepted it later in life. I later saw that it was for the best for both of them, and understood that they weren't happy and thus always fought. I hated it when my parents constantly fought and argued about everything, whether it was in front of me or in private. What helped was when I confided in a close friend and just let all my emotions out. You shouldn't keep your feelings bottled inside. It REALLY helps to talk to someone. Maybe try a counsellor, if you feel that might help. And you shouldn't feel bad about this. It sometimes helps to find a quiet place, and just clear your mind of all negativity and all thoughts of divorce and just relax. Hope this helped a bit...

    • I'm sorry.
      Did it effect your life in anyways? What I'm affraid of is that if one of them or both of them get remarried I won't be abled to see them again...

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    • Thank you, and sorry about your parents divorcing too. And let me just tell you, just because you're an adult and is having a little trouble dealing with the divorce of your parents is not messed up. You can be however old, and it will still have an effect on you. You just need to stay strong and be accepting of the situation :) with time, things will be a lot easier to handle, I promise.. I'm glad I could help.

    • Thanks, I feel much better... Your a strong girl I respect that... :) I won't forget it.

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  • why did you lie about your age?

    • This is my cousins, I closed mine a while ago... So I ask anonymous questions from his account.

  • Omg parents divorce that's worse than poverty, homelessness death and rape

    • Thank you !! Feel much better now !!! Lol

    • I was being sarcastic

    • What is sarcastic?

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