How to get over being used by a player?

I was dating a player trying to sleep with me. I'm a virgin and I didn't want to sleep with just anyone and he knew that.

He was really manipulative and just awful. I tried to think of myself as attractive to make myself feel better but I think he just thought I was attractive for being such an easy target.

He preyed on me because I was inexperienced. I'm sure of that. He was such an insincere and terrible guy. I'm very hurt by this- I haven't dated before and I don't know how to get over it. Can someone please help me?


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  • look on the bright side, at least you didn't sleep with him and now, you have something to add on as an experience. as for getting over him, it just takes time. it will fade. and the next time you start dating someone, you have the player to compare them to (i said compare, not judge) because now, you have a bit of experience.


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  • It is difficult ot deal with, I had an ex who was a player as well but no he didn't beg me to sleep with him. He was good at bribing me with words and calling me "baby" and stuff. But when it came to like actual "commitment" he was afraid to commit in a relationship and didn't really know how to do his "part." He's good at like stringing girls along into thinking he likes them when in reality he just uses them. He always said he loved me, but when it came to showing me with actions that's where it all messed up. Just take it as a learning appearance which is how I took mine. Even though my ex wasn't really like that, he was good at saying he loved me but never proving it, same thing with commitment and doing his part, and always made excuses to see me. He always said missed me but never came by to see me. He treated me like a dog, like chewed up and spit me out is how I would imagine it. I can kind of see it in his eyes though. But I have learned from my mistakes and I take me dating a player as a learning experience. There are tons of guys out there that will treat you right, you just have to find them.

  • Hey i know its very difficult to deal with, it happens to most of us. Take it as a learning experience, next time around look out for such red flags early on. Just don't lose hope, there are tons of guys out there who will treat you right.

  • you know what I did? I did play him back before I dump him ;) it did make me feel cool :))


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