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OK my boyfriend of seven years and 3 kids (one being 7 weeks) and I decided to call it quits after everything we've been through he told me that for the past few months he's been miserable and turning into something he hates. Funny thing is I've been saying the same thing for the last 4 years! He told me he's NOT taking me back!!! I'm lost now because he said ths 5 years ago and found somebody else for 4 months! Ugggh what should I do?


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  • Let him go but make sure he pays for his kids and plays an important part in their lives. Relationships break down all the time and kids suffer so concentrate on them don't let this affect them.

    • I have two sons and a daughter my oldest is gonna flip out because she loves her Dad! She knows when he pulls up from work she knows when we're fighting she's gonna be devastated when we move!

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    • Its not easy I can't lie but stay strong for the kids. My ex wife hated me for a long time but we are friends now and my son is a happy kid. She made the mistake of trying to turn him against me at first and blaming me so don't fall in to that trap of telling the kids its all him even if it is. Just sit them down together and tell them and that u will still be friends, don't argue or anything in front of them they will start to blame themselves if u do. Just be strong and do everything around the kids they are what is important, even though u may cry yourself to sleep at times, it will ease in time and kids will be fine as long as he keeps being a good dad and u a good mum then the only thing that changes is you see them separately most days and they don't witness arguments and that is a good thing. Good luck stay strong :-)

    • Thanks... ill try to keep the arguments down but that will be hard being that we live in the same house for the time being

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  • he left you with a seven week old baby wow thats cold. if he was so miserable for months why did he get you pregnant? you should forget about someone who can walk out on his own kids repeatedly only to come back after his flings are over. like ilovesexyfeet says make sure he sees and pays for his kids but i think you should move on from him and find someone else

    • Well the first time we broke up we didn't have any kids now that I look at it I believe our kids just HAPPENED!! 😔

    • best thing to do is move on to someone whos not going to keep walking out on you and be mature about the break up around your kids, dont bad mouth him or anything to cause the kids stress over taking sides with parents. i hope you'll be ok it must be really difficult for you

    • Its really hard especially being in the same house

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