I need some help ladies! Bout my ex texting me how am I and what not?

so she texts me after a couple months of not talking asking how I've been so for me it was like oh shit cause i still have mad feelings for this girl right? but it just feels weird texting her now and even how we were texting just seemed like a friendly manner which kind of throws me off yet she was trying to keep a convo.. after bout a day or two of texting i said well i know you wanted to see how i was but im going to knock out and i dont know if you feel obligated to keep texting me but if not ill text you tomorrow or whenever and she replied that she nver felt obligated but was saying she was going to bed too cause she is exhausted and i never texted her back goodnight or the next day.. im lost what do you guys think this means? should i text her or see if she ever texts me again even tho i said i would? by the way she dumped me and is in college


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  • there's no need for you to feel obligated by replying her text messages. from my point of view. Once an EX is only an EX. no need to be friends with them. friends? for what? that'll be useless. You can still text them back or talk to them but only a respect not feel obliged with it. just ignore her or if she keeps on troubling you, you can change a contact number. :)

    • thank you! helps a lot but i told her i dont know if she feels obligated to text me and she said she isn't so she's wanting to but a question i have is should i wait and see if she ever texts me again or should i text her back? by the way you're amazing thank you for the help

    • welcome.. :)

      for me.. when she said that she's not obligated, maybe i agree with but on the other side, it's the guilt that's holding her back. And NO, for me.. there's no point in waiting and no point texting her back. Just go forward.. it' s not easy at first but you'll get over it soon. You'll find someone whose much better than her. ^_^

  • play hard to get


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