Why does my ex always look at me?

So my ex and I dated for about a month and we never really talked because he was extremely shy and I'm kind of shy too. So we had our moments when we were alone but nothing major. After we broke up he seemed happy and I tried to seem like it too but now its been three months since we broke up and now I find him always staring at me. But why? After I catch him looking at me he looks away and doesn't let me catch his eyes again. But my friends are always telling me how he looks at me and smiles but once he realizes he's smiling he stops and looks away and then he does it again. What the hell does this mean? I'm so confused specially because I sadly still like him.


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  • were you each others first relationship? and why did you split?

    • I was his first one but he wasn't mine and we spilt because he told me he wasn't ready and he would be more comfortable if we were just friends.

    • he has already stated his intentions and friends do look at each other and smile all the time. you are just overthinking his actions. guys aren't girls, we don't do the whole body language hint thing. if he said he wants friends... it doesn't matter if he kisses you on the forehead, or does something flirty, he still wants to keep it friends. because he SAID so.

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