Said he still wanted to be friends but then stopped contacting me?

Long story short, my ex and I didn't work out because he had to go back to his home country which is all the way across the world, but we agreed to be friends and continued to text each other pretty regularly. A few months ago, I started dating someone new, but I didn't tell my ex because I just felt it wasn't necessary... and I was still new in this relationship. But finally, after my ex said some things (about wanting me to send him a picture of my sexy Halloween costume) I figured it was time to tell him I have a boyfriend. He was kind of surprised but I asked him if he still had feelings for me, and he said no. And then I asked him if he still wanted to be my friend, and he said "Of course. Keep in touch." Which I thought was great, cause I still like talking to him and honestly prefer him as a friend than as a boyfriend. But then... it's been a week and he hasn't texted me. Should I take that as a sign that he lied and doesn't really want to be my friend?


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  • It's too soon to jump any conclusions. Give it time. But there's always a chance he that he might of just been being nice.


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  • Well basically when you told him you have a boyfriend, he just decided to bounce. He doing that because he feels like you moved on from him and you not really gonna have time for him now that you got your new bf. So he kinda did you and him a favor


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