How can I let him down easily? I don't want to be a C-word?

So I am in a very unsatisfying relationship.

He is kind of clingy (no surprise there, he's still a demi-vierge), very insecure, over thinks everything, and he's kind of a push over. What does me in is the fact that we have been together for a couple of months and still no attempt at coitus, even though we've done other stuff. No I do not pressure him to engage in it, I am just really frustrated.

I guess I am a little demanding, my last relationship put me through hell so my tolerance is pretty low.

I would love to stay his friend because he is a funny guy, but I know that will never happen.

He also said he loved me within the 2nd month... yeah.

Anyways I feel like a bitch enough as it is, how can I end this gently?


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  • Omfs. This is crazy. I JUST went through this, except we did have sex... And something else broke is apart: breach of privacy.

    First of all, let me ask: have you talked to him about this? If you are legitimately concerned about the relationship, talk in a nonaccusive way about how you both feel. Say "I feel" not "You don't do this or that".

    If you really just want out, then just be honest. He's gonna be hurt regardless. You can be kind, and still be honest. Don't let his insecurity infringe on your right to leave.

    It might even be good to tell him his insecurity is why you're breaking up with him. Encourage him to work on it so his next relationship goes better. Or who knows? Maybe you'll be back after he's found himself a little more...


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