My ex wants to know if we still have our sex tape... Why?

My ex broke up with me about 4/5 months ago and left me a broken mess. I've only just started getting my life on track, but he jumped straight into another relationship just a couple of weeks after the split. I've wanted him back for a long time, but I put myself into no contact but everytime I do he contacts me after about a week.

We said we'd stay friends and we've had pleasant phone calls every now and then. He says his new gf is very jealous of me but he still wants to be friends despite that she doesn't want him talking to me. So I never contact him, he just contacts me every couple of weeks, and this time he asked me if I still have the sex video we made. We were very proud of it! Lol but I deleted after the breakup, I could never watch something that intimate of us again, considering I'm still in love with him and trying to get over him.

Why would he ask me this? He was obviously thinking about it which makes me feel good, and I'm glad his new gf satisfies him so much that he was thinking of our sex tape!! I do still love this guy, and wandering if this new relationship is a rebound one and if it'll last. He follows me on Instagram too, and I can't help but feel he's keeping tabs on me. I don't follow him. Anyone have any idea what he's playlng at?


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  • i think he knows u still love him and maybe enjoys having that power over somebody so keeps in contact to send mixed signals. if your still in love with him, then no contact would be the best way to move on. or maybe talk to him straight up and as if there's any possibility of u two getting back together. if he says no, then tell him that staying in contact is too hard for you and that u need to cut him off to move on.


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  • Its weird to want a sex tape after a break up. The reasons can range from almost anything. Either way its not positive. Asking for a sex tape is not positive at all.

  • he might want to destroy it or keep it for his personal reasons.


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