I'm in love with my bisexual ex-boyfriend?

He is now dating a gay guy. I really miss him, I want to be with him on one hand; I don't know if I can accept the fact that he is bisexual on the other. Should I be his good friend and wait for him or should I move on?


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  • You should move on. If he's broken up with you and already dating someone else, he has moved on.

    • But you don't stop loving someone because he doesn't love you.

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    • How do I let go... I miss him so much

    • You start focusing on YOU. Start doing things to occupy your time and mind. Work out. Start a new hobby, volunteer at a homeless shelter, learn how to play guitar. There are thousands of things that are exciting and fresh to try. You just have to do them.

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  • That's tough. More the fact that he is dating someone else than his sexuality though. I would get on with your life and have fun while you are young. If he comes back into your life if they break uup, then fine, but I think it'd be painful for you to see him a lot. :/


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  • Move on not worth your pain


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