Guys please help me and give me some suggestions!!?

So I met up with my ex boyfriend on Monday night. We decided to go for drinks and talk and catch up. We needed up hanging out and talking at this bar for about 3 hours. We were talking about old memories together, laughed and had a really good talk. He asked about me and some personal things I've been dealing with and was always looking me in the eye and smiling and was leaning towards me across the table near the end of the night. He paid for my drink and walked me back home and gave me a hug goodnight. We text each other pretty much everyday and flirt, but we haven't spoken at all yesterday or today. Do you think my ex wants to get back together based on this or do you think he's just thinking things through? Also we were together for a total of 7 months (or the entire first year of university) and then broke up at the end of the year because we would be long distance and trying to see each other over the summer would be too difficult. We ended up talking almost the entire summer (or the line of communication was always open between us). When we broke up he also cried very hard (more than i did) so it was clearly very emotional for him and for me. Guys opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.
so i messaged him last night, but it was just conversation about how his week was. he sent me maybe 4 messages, and they were all kinda neutral or impersonal so I don't know what to do


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  • You say you talked "almost" the entire summer... so I assume this means it wasn't everyday, so the fact that you haven't heard from him in a few days shouldn't be that much of a concern. However, who has been the one initiating the contact? If it's always him having to reach out to you first then he is probably waiting for you to contact him. It's obvious based off you date that he is still very interested but your last comment regarding the breakup cry makes me think you're not sure you want to be with him?

    • He's typically the one initiating the contact (about 90% of the time) and I'm the one who asked him to meet up with me so I feel like I'm the one taking the bigger step by actually trying to meet up with him you know? I don't know maybe I'm wrong. So you think I should message him or should I wait for another day or two?

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    • just purely an opinion question. considering we were together for a long time (considering were both university students) and we've been broken up for 7 months but he still continues talking to me, would you say he loves me? Just based off of what I've told you. I really appreciate your help!

    • Purely my opinion I don't think he loves you, and the only reason I say that is because you don't break up with someone you love for the summer when you know you will be going back to school together in 3 months. BUT he obviously misses/missed you and is very interested in you and you seem to feel the same way about him. Love isn't needed to start or in this case re-start a relationship... it will be developed with time... take it slow.

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  • Well, you're not LD now, right? So ask him if he wants to get back together since it's no longer an LDR.

    Simple. Maybe this year he won't break up with you over summer.

    • okay, and do you think i should be worried that he hasn't texted me since monday? before we met up for the first time on monday, he was texting me almost everyday.

    • Don't worry about it, just ask him.

      I mean, have you been hooking up with other people since you guys broke up? Do you want to know if he has been?

    • we've both tried seeing other people, and have both hooked up with other people, but we keep coming back to each other

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