Stay with or leave lies or truth?

A while back I was at a bonfire with my bf and mates later that night wen I had to go I asked my bf to come with me for a sleepover he said no and stayed out around woman gettin them drunk I was worried all night and wondered why he did this next day heard from a very close friend ur boyfriend kissed a drunk girl I asked my bf he said no and was angry and cried coz I accused him a week or two later still curious I messages the woman he ''kissed'' on a fake account to see what she said happened she said they kissed on the lips then only person that said it didn't happen was my boyfriend how do I know the truth


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  • The bottom line is he Lied about the Pie eyed, sweetie, and with finding out the truth which finally came back to bite him in the butt, his lips were found out and now with this Pucker, he can no longer be trusted.
    You both need to sit down and have a long serious convo. However, if you decide to stay with him I cannot guarantee that something like this, maybe worse next time, won't happen again. He is either going to have to prove himself in the presence of your sweet pudding or keep this little pup on a short leash until he chokes to death... he has to Earn this Trust , not expect it Nor... beg for it like a dog in heat.
    Good luck. xx

    • Three strikes and he is Out: First one came when you heard this from a very close friend, then the FB deal with the Kissing cutie and... Third one was when he lied straight to your face... can't get better than that.:)) xxx

    • He's done many other things but my parents and his have both called me over sensitive in the past as I get angry over somthin I find big but others find small so I never know if he's doin somin really bad or just small so we've last almost 9 months because I love him too much to let go and all my past relashionships sucked and so have most of my friendships so I never know the right time to leave I've always been an extremely forgiving person I've always let my boyfriend get away with anything but now I always get hurt coz of it xxx

    • You are just guilty of being this Enabler and like someone who picks up the pieces for a drinker or a drug addict or anyone with a Problem, you will always do this as well. Many people stick it out with being an enabler because their heart enables them to be pulled by your own heart strings.. yes, forgiving and someday if he messes up big time, you will still be there because of your love and your goodness and patience... let us hope he grows up someday and wit along road ahead of you, more down a beaten path as you know already, it never ends... I guess love always finds its way no matter what sometimes.. xxoo

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  • All you can do is go with your gut, bc right now it's a bunch of he said she said, and no solid proof. Do you feel like that's something he would do? If so, then break it off.

  • Sorry that this happened, it's not easy but I wouldn't believe your bf. Why would everyone else lIe?


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