My ex left me because I was too jealous?

I just want someone's feedback on this situation.

Me and my ex were together for 4 years and have a 2 yr old son. The whole relationship had its ups and downs.

I cheated on him the first few weeks of us dating & I didn't really took him seriously at first since I was single for 3 years before him. But after that I fell in love he found out what happened I begged him to stay and I proved how sorry I was. I gained his trust back & all. 2 years down the line he cheated on me while I was pregnant, kissed other girls and didn't tell me gave me an std. Smh and I learned my lesson and cut every guy from my life to get him to realize that I was never going to do it again.

I had my son & things were good for a bit then I found him on dating site & so fourth. I bought my own car got a full time job & finally saving money for a place. But I would constantly find something in his phone!

He kept breaking up with me because he said im crazy and have a jealousy problem!

He moved away for 6 months & he lived an hour away then. I drove to see him all the time & always gave him what he wanted. He would go 2 days without talking to me and I would always cry to him and felt like he didn't love me & I felt like he was seeing other girls. But I would always find stuff !

My self esteem became so low because of everything. He finally broke it off for good. Now he's telling everyone I'm crazy and that I had a jealousy problem!

I'm just so hurt because I love him so much 😞 and having a kid with him makes it so much worse. was it really my fault that the relationship ended?

He has no job , he robs ppl, he sells pills and weed.

& I'm trying to do right for my son smh.

Am I really in the wrong here?
Thanks you guys, I know I wasn't all perfect in this part. I haven't spoke to him in 3 weeks and I'm ignoring him unless it's about our son. I'm going to start going to therapy once a week for my self esteem it just got worse being with him. I'm just upset that I wasted so much of my time on someone who at the end didn't do nothing for me. I keep hearing people tell me that they know how crazy I am because of what he's saying to people about me.

Just wanted to know if it was my fault you know


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well, if you were jealous, you had plenty of reason (and if you were clingy, you had plenty of reason for that too). Going out and getting your job, car, place to live were all great - giving you some independence! Those are actually some impressive accomplishments.

    It sounds like you're going to be much better off with out him, much as it hurts. If he was always trying to pull away and mess around with other women... you didn't need that. Down the road, you can find someone who enjoys you for who you are and wants to spend time with you too.


Most Helpful Girl

  • In the beginning of this whole beguine, sweetie, yes, you did Do wrong in cheating on him... however, you fell in love with him, you learned a lesson in love with this and you changed your evil ways, let's say. But now I am seeing the tables have turned and it is Him who is doing the Black magic and is trying to make you the One who he is telling you and everyone--------I'm crazy and that I have a jealousy problem.
    Two years ago, when you first got pregnant with his child, he had started to do his own prowling and prodding by Cheating on you. He was screwing around, gave you a disease which now you have to live with and he Needn't have to worry about you being this cheat sheet again. However, he has also taken other things from you. He has saddled you down with a child that you may have not been ready for just yet, leaving you alone even now to handle being chief cook and bottle washer, has passed a disease on to you that you can't explain away to any man and is Still out there, on every date site in Sight, carousing and being this cowardly lion in sheep's clothing because he doesn't want a Commitment, doesn't want to be hooked at the hip. And now with a kid to boot, it is making him even more of a loser who is on the wacky and pills, making him a Big time Wacko in my own book and more of a free loader than ever.
    No, you are far from crazy,. You have every right to have been jealous. Look what the hell he has done to you with screwing and looking for other girls? And on top of losing your own self esteem, he has taken everything in your young precious life from you. He needs a shrink, you need to speak to a professional on how to get YOU back and where can I go from here?
    Stay away from him. Don't let him back in your home, back in your life, keep him from arm's length from the baby. He is no good. Talk to your family, see a lawyer, someone to help you... he is detrimental to your own health and life and the baby's... Don't be his Enabler...
    Good luck. xx


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  • He sells pills and weed really hahaha don't worry he can't break up you

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What Girls Said 3

  • It sounds like he's the one at fault. Quite often when people are doing their dirt, they'll accuse their bf/gf of cheating or other stuff when it's them that's doing it. I feel like this guy keeps on thinking about when u cheated, and although he said he's let it go, he keeps trying to punish you. Do yourself a favor and let him go. You're done paying for your mistakes and you should never lose sight of your worth for someone who can't even see it themselves. Love yourself more than you love him, and walk away for good. It will be painful, but it will also be worth it. And if u can't do it for yourself, do it for your kid. Think of the environment you'll be raising him/her in if you stay with this man. It's a good choice all around.

  • Yes you are very wrong. You said he is making your self esteem low when in reality your self esteem is low thus you are with him. No healthy woman with high self esteem would stay with a man who gave her std's and cheated on her while she was pregnant. Move on because you are jealous for good reasons. What you should be is single and looking to work on yourself and provide for your son without this deadbeat who is clearly not even setting proper examples for his child (by participating in illegal activities). Whatever std he gave you, imagine if it was something that could kill you, leaving no one to care for your child. Breakup wit him and don't look back.

  • Sounds like you to go together like fire and gasoline


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