What are the things that cause your girl or boyfriend leaving?

What are the things that cause your girl or boyfriend leaving


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  • What would cause me to leave my partner would be cheating, loss of interest, etc

    • one can not always about

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    • I'm sorry but I don't understand ur English

    • manifests itself as the people around you treat you to his

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  • Women don't need a reason. They just need sufficient time. For most, that time is less than 4 years. When the use-by date is up, there's nothing you or she can do to change it.
    Here's why:

    You should be able to figure out for yourself what reasons would cause you to leave a partner. Probably things like cheating or gross stupidity ( financial irresponsibility etc).

    • They're also good for women, but we put up with men and women so that heavy stupidity

    • If we change as we change the man they

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  • interest in other girls was a big factor , although I admit she never said exactly why but I'd assume that was one based on her reactions last few times I saw her

    • American girls in general are changing at once in one

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