Where did it go wrong? Should I give up?


Well my story starts about 3 months ago when my ex boyfriend decides to reconnect with me on Facebook, which we never became online friends, he would message me here and there. So about week later after contacting me (3 months ago) he asked where we stood? and what did I wanted from him? get back together, be friends or FWB. Honestly, I felt pressure and cornered to answered, so I asked for sometime alone and that I would contact him when I was over the break up. He still continued to message me on Facebook, every 2-3 weeks but nothing important, just a "hi" here and there. In the mean time, I was following this program on how to get back with my ex, which has help me enormously! with Active no contact, and instead of following the traditional 30 days of NO contact, I went on for 3 months because to me the break up was so hurtful and resentful that I needed time and space from him. I did wish him a Happy B-Day about a month ago, so he knew, I still had him in mind. So about a week ago he messaged me again, but I didn't answer because I was busy with work, school and life and by the time I saw it a couple days had passed. So about 3 days ago, I ended no contact, and I send him a message on Facebook and gave him my number. He read it but never called or text. I was fine until, I took a look at his Facebook profile and notice he was already dating someone else! he basically plaster his page with pictures of both of them, I was like "what the F**ck" did I miss something in the last past week? or I was too blind. I did send him another message (BIG MISTAKE) and I told him that I thought he still loved me and I did't understand why he was messaging me! after what I saw.

End of story, I blocked him and later on he deactivated his Facebook.
So many question marks are pondering my mind!!

Was he only looking for attention? Or I'm just too dumb to accept that he has moved on? Why was he still messaging me if he was already seeing someone else?


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  • It sounds like any resolutions that are even possible will only happen if the two of you have a mature conversation about it and don't play any games. If you do get the opportunity to meet up, I wouldn't harass or prod him for answers. If you are trying to start again with him, you really need to assess why you broke up with him in the first place, forgive both you and him for the confusion of the breakup and the past few months, and try to start something more light-hearted. If he wants to have you back, or is even thinking about it, he won't buckle down completely with another woman. If you take the opportunity to act mature, he will see that it's no longer a game and will hopefully reciprocate.

    • Thank you so much for your answer.

      I already tried to communicate with him, I gave him my new number which he never called or text. And the other way I could reach him was through Facebook, which he deactivated today. I mean the girl, he posted pictures with, she's still active on Facebook, so makes no sense to me.

      Should I just wait until he actives his Facebook again and say something?

    • Yeah, I would wait for some simple method of communication to be available. It may be difficult, but you may want to put the situation in life's hands for now until an obvious answer comes up. If you are stressing to communicate with him or try to get ahold of him through a lot of different mediums, it may come across as desperate. Patience will do you the best for now. Good luck!

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