I need some serious guy input... Super confused?

My boyfriend and I broke up 5 days ago. I saw him the following day when he came to get the remainder of his stuff from my house. He has texted me everyday since then. I decided 2 days ago that I needed some time to think and I stopped texting him. He flipped out, texting like crazy, calling, and even his mom text me. I finally responded when he sent a text saying "I guess you've made your mind up about us huh"? I answered no and that we could talk tonight. He later sent me a goodnight text saying "i love you". Well we talked this evening and it didn't go well. He was so angry telling me about all the bad things I did in the relationship. I asked him then why are we even talking if your just gonna make me feel like shit and not say anything productive and he said because he loves me. He then said he really wants to be friends and talk everyday. He end to call with I love you. Additionally we have our cell, car insurance and bank accounts together and he got mad when I called to separate them. I'm so confused. I'm getting mixed signals, or maybe I'm reading something into it that's not there. should I try to be his friend like he wants. I really thought we would end up back together. I still really love him.


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  • Well I think you firstly need to sort out how you feel. You said you still really love him so o guess you would like to make this work.

    However the way he is behaving is mixed signals and him spilling out all the issues is a way to try to fix the issue Aberdeen you, he probably could have done it in a better way but I guess what's done is done.

    At the same time though you could also tell him of the issues you have in the relationship, he shouldn't really make you feel bad like that.

    You do both need to talk and you need to talk as a calm conversation him losing his temper will not help the situation and when offering to talk tell him so too. Also as there are quite some implications with joint accounts and stuff that need to be sorted.

    But and this is the most important thing you must firstly do what's right for you.


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