My ex bf has new gf but still mad at me why?

I broke up with my ex bf few months ago via text ( I know I am a horrible ). Anyway he's my co worker and now he's dating a girl who works with me and I am her supervisor. So even I broke up with him now he's got a new lover and lovelifes back with new girl but he is still really angry at me won't talk to me even for work stuff. I just don't understand why he' acts like that. Why he's being such a jerk to me?


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  • Because you broke up with him.

    Just because he has a new girlfriend doesn't mean that he's going to act completely fine around you.

    • I mean he doesn't have to be nice to me but doesn't have to be such a jerk isn't he? He comes to my office and make out in front of me which I don't care at all just feels like he does that to bothers me. how can I make him stop? I am having trouble make progress with work stuff cause him and his idiot gf aren't doing what they need to at work !!!

    • Ohhh, well you should have mentioned that in your original post. If he's making out with his new girlfriend in front of you, then yeah he's a tool. He's just vindictive. You should tell your superiors about it. I have to assume stuff like that isn't allowed.

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  • Because you broke up with him through text?

    Man, socially obliviousness seems to be a thing. How would you feel if someone did that to you? Of course he is pissed.

  • bc you dumped him over text?


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