I broke up with him because I didn't see a future. Is he dealing with the break up or just doesn't care?

I dated a guy for 5 months. We had something good going on. We could hold conversations, did a lot of activities together, became comfortable being ourselves completely around the other, met each others parents, etc you name it. I however was unclear why we were so good together but when it came time for the talk we were never "officially" together. I gave him more than enough time to figure it out. In the end I got tired of being a maybe. I knew I wanted him, but he was torn for giving me commitment. I broke up with him and it took 3 hours, crying from both ends, and embracing. In the end I knew it wasn't healthy. I was falling in love with him. It had been a month and we had not spoken. I texted him and we agreed to be friendly ( I hate knowing we aren't on ok terms). But it hurts thinking this didn't affect him at all. Is this just how he deals with it or does it seem like he just wanted to move on?


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  • More than likely he just wasn't ready for a lifetime commitment, and ran away! Now he's scared you'll come back with a demand for commitment if he contacts you!

    If you are still missing him, see if you can arrange to 'accidentally' run into him, and see how he reacts!


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