Do I have a chance to get him back?

Okay so, let me tell you my story. My ex broke up with me around 3 weeks ago, because he said he needed to focus on himself and his work and he needed to be himself. I honestly think he just got tired of the fact that I always wanted to be with him, spending time and doing everything together. Since he broke up with me I haven't texted him or called him. I've only been posting pictures on instagram of what i was doing: hanging out with friends, going to parties, trying new things... Today he is at a music festival with his friends where he and I used to go every year. I thought it was a good chance to talk to his mom since we are pretty close and she helped me a lot, she told me that he has been really wary about my movement on instagram and that he told her that i looked beautiful, that i lost weight and that i was going out with friends and parties, and that was the "learnfromyou" that he liked.

Do you guys think I might still have a chance to be with him? Let me know what you think! What should I do?
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  • I wouldn't get back with him, while i think he'd say yes if he was willing to toss you aside once he will be again when it suits him


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