How to cope with heartbreak?

I was talking to a guy at my school since mid August. At first everything was fine, we'd talk and flirt, things like that. Long story short, the other day I found out that he has a girlfriend. In our latest conversations we've been arguing and just not getting along right. I knew something was up, I could tell he was talking to someone else or something like that. I confronted him about it, asking why he lied to me and it was a really bad argument. He hurt me really bad so I've been ignoring him for weeks. I saw him today at school and we waved at each other but that's it. I can't hate him anymore because the hatred has turned into all of these other emotions. He's clearly moved on I suppose and I'm sitting here thinking about him thinking damn I want him. I want to talk to him so bad but I can't, I just can't. He said we can be friends but the love for him is still there. My heart is literally hurting and broken. This is the worse feeling in the world. What should I do, how do I get over it?


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  • Just going through this recently myself what I have found works for me is to stay busy do other things but it is going to be hard block him on all social media and dont reply to text or calls from him go no contact for 30 days don't even wave at him and see what happens and how you feel after the 30days


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